KHS Athletic Booster Minutes
Call to order 6:30pm
Approval of Minutes March 2019
Treasurer Report approved and will be posted to Web Page
Athletic Med will be fully funded with $3000 donation from Travis Pine and $1500 from Boosters
Upcoming Events
Bazaar-Discussion on feasibility of continuing with this event. Suggestion on approach for
possible future collaboration. Subject Tabled for future discussion
Future Fair: motion to forward $250 for food passed. Will be held on 4/25/19
Fun Run: discussion on turnover of booster involvement. Suggestion that coaches may be able
to become more involved with a guaranteed team donation. Richard will feel out interest in this.
Would need to discuss team donation with possible flat fee.
Succession Planning Meeting: Dave Winn has handed over USB with all prior files. He will be in
area and available if needed for future officers.
Auction Planning: Meeting 4/30/2019 to begin planning for next fall. Location TBD. Time 6pm
Great Give: Begins today through 4/23/2019. Will begin to publicize on Web Site and Facebook
Marketing: Spring program is out. Format is evolving. Article on Coach Craig Smith and Athlete Dave
Andersen. Request made for written process for future editor to continue.
Coach/Boosters Party: White Horse Golf Course will donate the space for free. Heavy appetizers would
have to be served through White Horse. No host bar would be available through White Horse main bar.
Estimated coaches and guest around 50. Date: May 29, 2019 WED at 6:30
AC: School is looking for $4200 to help with some additional supplies (jackets etc) for some of the
teams. Richard inquires whether the Boosters would be interested in continuing with the same 5 year
rotation next year. It was decided that new administration would be best to decide that commitment.
Est $33,000 over 4-5 years. No motion on $4200-tabled
Alumni sponsorship: Discussion about designing a care sticker that could be sold to alumni.
Proceeds to help fund the new trophy case. Still trying to find way of contacting alumni to develop an
alumni association
Spirit Wear: Waiting to hear about scarf and cap shipment. Richard mentions that he can accept
delivery in needed at the school.
Concessions Report: Baseball and Softball continue to struggle with volunteers for concessions.
Soccer/Football concessions stand without electricity for last game. It appears the panel may need to be
replaced. As they were looking at this, they mentioned that they would like to disconnect the booster concessions.  Discussion about having an available 220v plug to access for games. This would involve
getting an extension chord to plug into the booster concessions. Consider getting an extension chord
that would be long enough to stretch to eventual location of concessions near 20 yrd line.
Website: Still not a lot of traffic. May will be Arnie’s last meeting. Need to decide at that point how to
host and maintain site. Still will be needed for great give. Was landing site for 4 th of July run sign up.
The March 25th Athletic and Placement Forum went well. Lessons learned: We need more time, as there were a lot of god questions and a lot of good information to put out. The KHS Boosters Board felt this may be a great idea to continue in the future.

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