KHS Athletic Boosters Meeting

December 12, 2018

Board Members present:  Dave Winn, Amber Mercer, Teresa Andersen

Committee Chair Members present:  Brad Andersen, Rae Winn, Arnie Lusis AC Richard Henert

Coaches:  Craig Smith


  • Meeting called to order at 6:25 by President Dave Winn
  • November minutes approved
  • Treasurer report: Financials were presented.  Clarifications were made about the categorization of income and expenses. A summary report will be posted on the website which will be in a more accessible format to provide a better idea about how funds are earned and awarded to the teams.
  • Marketing Update: the poster and winter program have been submitted for printing.  Date of availability is related to the work load of Kington Mail and Print around the holidays.  Hopefully, both will be ready before the Girls Basketball game against NK.
  • AC Report: Henert confirmed that Booster will be providing $1129.06 for the pool lane lines, an additional $1250 for HUDL (first $2750 already paid for by the auction), and $900 for new baseball tarps.  There has been no response from Facilities about the baseball field or soccer field netting projects.  There have been questions about the practice of athletes transferring from Kingston to NK.  Although students are not allowed to transfer for athletic reasons, the process seems flawed.  To his knowledge 8 varsity athletes have left Kingston for NK, 3 athletes have left NK for Kingston over the same time frame (3 years).  WIAA does not intervene in these issues and this process is at the discretion of the Superintendent.
    • This discussion brought up other issues of inequality between the schools, such as shipping students with disciplinary issues from NK to Kingston as well as preferentially assigning SPED students to Kingston. The concern is that the voice of the Kingston community is not being heard.  Kingston DOES NOT want to become a “second class” school within the district.
    • Henert is one of the only Kingston representatives on a committee preparing for the next bond. Others volunteered to be part of the process so that Kingston’s needs are not ignored, unsure if other volunteers will be welcomed to the committee
    • Henert recommended that one way to help with Kingston’s overall efforts would be to define the “signature programs” that Kingston would have, just as NK will be defining their programs
    • Another recommendation was made to partner with KYSA
    • Craig Smith offered recommendation of supporting coaches in their efforts to have off season programs
  • Coach Request: Craig Smith asks about plan for replacement of soccer uniforms.  He states soccer has their share of funds.  He will discuss this with Richard Henert.
  • President’s Report: Discussion was started about contingency plans in case volunteers do not step forward to take over Board positions.  Board members expressed concern about publicly discussing disbanding and would instead like to focus in a more positive direction, such as a membership drive and finding ways to help people feel invested in the Boosters.  It seems that there needs to be a cultural revamp to try to capture the parents of athletes and no athletes to continue to improve Kingston High School.  Decision was made to have a separate meeting on December 19 to discuss this issue in detail.  Dave Winn reports that he continues to stay in contact with Dave Erickson about the two netting projects.
  • Spirit Wear Report: Sneak peek at possible designs for the new soccer scarves were shared with the Board.
  • Concessions: Proposed job descriptions were presented to help streamline the process for purchasing, staffing concessions.  Discussion about providing concessions for middle school girls soccer games next year to get some exposure to high school boosters.
  • Bazaar update: Amber Mercer did an outstanding job with the Bazaar although traffic was low.  She will provide an overview report of “lessons learned” for the volunteer who takes this over next year.  There were 24 vendors.  ASB provided concessions.  Track/cross country provided lunches for the vendors.  There were about 100 attendees on Saturday, 20 on Sunday.  Profits were $1305 from vendor payments. From the raffle, admission fees, donations an additional $675.75 was raised.  Expenses were $116.37 for signage, coffee/pastries for the vendors.  Before paying for the custodial fees (around $900), total income was $1864.36.  Ideas for next year include limiting to 1 day, holding the event on a different day from the Village Green/Tree lighting events.
  • Auction Review: a separate meeting will be held at a future date to discuss lessons learned and start planning for next year.
  • Website/Facebook update: Boosters now own the website.  Arnie Lusis is always looking for new content
  • Meeting ended at 8:30pm


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