KHS Athletic Booster Meeting

January 9, 2019

Board Members present:  Dave Winn, Teresa Andersen, Erika Reddick

Committee Chair Members present:  Arnie Lusis, Lisa Sindel, Rae Winn

AC Richard Henert;  Coaches:  None


  • Meeting called to order at 6:36pm by President David Winn
  • December minutes were approved
  • Treasurer Report
    • The corrections to financials from last month have not yet been made. Lengthy discussion about how best to present the data to most clearly reflect revenue, expenses and distributions to the teams.  Sometimes accounting terms and categories, although most accurate, are not the easiest to summarize.  There is a balance between how complex the reports can be and ease of understanding money flow.  An example is “flow through” money where Boosters holds funds for other teams but is NOT part of Booster income and therefore is not seen as a distribution to the teams although Boosters do serve an important role in facilitating these fundraisers.  Agreement is to list total net assets on hand rather than cash on hand for safety and clarity.
    • Arnie Lusis wants to post financials on the website regularly so that parents and the community can see the reports. Transparency is important.  These numbers will be posted on the “splash page”
    • Payouts to teams for concessions earnings is presented
    • There are always lots of clarifications about financials. It would be best to review the financials and send questions to the Treasurer BEFORE the meeting to avoid lengthy discussions/clarifications at the meeting.  This is not a good use of time and is not fair to the Treasurer. Treasurer will try to send out financials at least 2 days before the meeting.
  • Marketing update
    • Winter programs have been printed and are now at the indoor snack shack for sale at games
    • Posters will be printed next, awaiting notification from Kingston Mail and Print
    • President proposed coming up with other venues for sale of the programs such as being sold by student athletes
    • Financial breakdown of cost of the programs will be generated by Brad Andersen so that decisions can be made about price point for the programs if it is decided that there will be an effort to sell the programs as a fund raiser for the teams who want to sell programs.
    • The Cup and Muffin sign will be hung this weekend
  • AC Report
    • Henert attended the capital funds meeting. Diving board and tennis courts were discussed but otherwise there were few major Kingston projects on the list until around 2040.  Tania Issa was in attendance, but otherwise no other  Kingston representatives. Next meeting is in the spring and more Kingston representation is encouraged.  This could include coaches, teachers, Boosters, community members, etc.
    • Limitations on large projects related to relatively small population and smaller tax base as compared to districts such as Central Kitsap. Focus is on small, steady projects so that voters are not being asked for large increases in expenditures
    • Lane markers have been ordered and should arrive by the NK meet. Plan is to try to promote this meet on the website and online
    • Still waiting on the baseball mound cover quotes.
    • HUDL is now being used by most of the teams at no cost for the teams due to higher contribution by the Boosters
    • Final quote from the District for the poles for safety netting has returned. Motion was approved for Boosters to pay half the cost for netting and poles for installation at Buc Field.  An invoice will be sent to the school and Boosters will reimburse the school
  • Presidents Report
    • Cup and Muffin sign to be hung this weekend
    • Netting will come from PNP, we will need to obtain signage to recognize the contributions of PNP
    • Netting for indoor batting cages at KMS is with Ralph
    • Building for outdoor batting cages will begin soon
    • KYSA meeting was at Pizza Factory and goal was to try to encourage mutual cooperation
      • Ideas proposed: inviting kids and parents to KHS athletic events
      • Booster tailgates with special guests
    • Café Neo is the next location for the Chamber After Hours on January 10. Boosters may sponsor the February luncheon, and cost would be around $150
  • Spirit Wear Report
    • 48 hoodies were purchased
    • Scarf and beanie order is pending input from art teacher, Mr. Andrews
    • Old T-shirts will be donated to Richard Henert and KYSA to promote Boosters
  • Concessions Report
    • Getting volunteers has been much more difficult for winter sports
    • There has been some loss of items from the indoor snack shack, so proposal was made to install a security camera. Boosters approved a motion to purchase and install a security camera at indoor concessions.  Cost will be around $150.
  • Website/Facebook
    • Still not much traffic on the website
    • Arnie is doing a great job of creating/posting content but needs more.
    • Arnie will be writing a newspaper article soon
    • Requests a list of spring sport parents, not yet available
    • Idea proposed for a “where’s Waldo” type promotion on the website where a picture of the KHS mascot would be hidden somewhere on the site and there will be a prize for the first person to find it.
  • Open Forum
    • There has been a BBQ offered for donation. Dave Winn will check it out
    • Erika proposed coming up with a coach forum to find out from the coaches how Boosters can best support them. This could occur at the end of the season coach appreciation get together
    • Discussed the idea of a college athletics forum in March. Larry Judd and the school counselors will be invited.  Parents of children who have been or are college athletes would be invited.  Target audience would be middle school and younger high school athletes
    • Next Meet the Bucs will be around March 5. Erika will be presenting
    • The meeting ended at 8:15 PM
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