Minutes for KHSAB Meeting

March 13, 2019

KHS Yellow Pod


Call to Order at 6:32 pm

Officers Present:  President Dave Winn, Vice President Erin Sorensen, Treasurer Erika Reddick, Secretary Teresa Andersen

Committee Chairs Present:  Spirit Wear Lisa Sindel, Concessions Rae Winn, Marketing Brad Andersen

Attendees:  Michelle Lanning, Leslie Falen, Rachel Strohmeyer

AC:  Richard Henert


Minutes from February meeting:  APPROVED

Treasurer Report presented by Erika Reddick.  Account Balance of $67, 611.31.  APPROVED

Discussion about how to handle concessions and other purchases next year to simplify accounting and eliminate the current procedure of reimbursements for members who make purchases with their own funds.  In addition, this will eliminate reimbursements from occurring within a different month than expenses.  This will involve use of a Booster debit or credit card with careful accounting of receipts and reconciling of statements each month.  In addition, there will be a Treasurer and a Finance Committee or other designated member to provide oversight of finances and share financial responsibilities.

Update provided about the Hoot and Holler golf tournament which was a great success and raised $250.  Erin Sorensen will send a Thank You note.

Marketing Update presented by Brad Andersen

Spring Poster proof is presented, advertising will be corrected and poster will go to print

Spring Program is in production.  Appreciate the dedication of Johnny Walker’s expertise to make sure that the photos are perfect! Process of finding a new sponsor for the program next year needs to start. Michelle Lanning may be able to approach the Suquamish Tribe to see if there is interest in being a sponsor.  Program sales could be another fundraising opportunity in the future.

The College Athletics Sports Forum is scheduled for March 25.  Information has gone out via Peach Jar, Facebook, and to the coaches via email.  Fliers were provided to middle school coaches to distribute to athletes.

AC Report presented by Richard Henert

The soccer/track barrier will most likely be on hold until this summer to take advantage of a coordinated plan with the district to update/repair other facilities at Buc Field including repairs on the track.  This will help to avoid any damage to the drainage or perhaps even the turf field and will help streamline labor costs.  Boosters have agreed to provide $2000 toward this project

A new portable treatment table has been requested by the athletic trainer.  This will cost around $500-$700 and will need to be available before football season

The cost of purchasing a sound system is quite high, probably with no options less than $20,000.  It may be more realistic to try to look at packaging the cost of a sound system along with other facilities upgrades in the future

The coaches are planning to have coach led “recruitment clinics” in June to allow coaches to see athletes that typically participate in other sports to see if the athletes might be a good fit for their sport

Mr. Henert has proposed that Boosters sponsor another Coach Appreciation evening, perhaps at a different venue with a little bit more upscale food/drinks to continue to foster a good working relationship.  Erin Sorensen agreed to check with Whitehorse to see what this might cost to host the event in their events room with heavy appetizers, drinks.

Mr. Henert spoke about the new trophy case as a way to try to encourage involvement of alumni, perhaps for donations to cover cost of the trophy case, but also to look toward continued alumni support of other needs at the high school.

Mr. Henert would like to have recognition plaque for 4 yr, 3 sport athletes and reports that all the banners in the gym will be brought up to date by the end of the year.

Discussion by the group about developing an alumni database.  This will probably involve a subcommittee.

There is a new Principal, Jack Simonson who has come from NKHS.

Coach Requests

Tennis may need new storage bags for tennis balls; current bags have some  moisture damage.

Lacrosse is coming to Kingston!  Leslie Falen and Michelle Lanning came to the meeting to introduce Lacrosse to the Boosters.  The US Lacrosse Association recently required separation of NK and Kingston Boys Lacrosse.  This has led to some challenges as far as recruiting players, obtaining necessary gear and goals, and looking at covering costs for kids since expenses can be high ($275 for Parks and Rec fees, $35 for registration/insurance with national organization and upwards of $300 for gear).  It will be a lettered activity.  Future cooperation was discussed.  Hoping to have a home game at Buc Field on April 24.  Welcome Lacrosse!

President’s Report

Discussed transition plan for passing along knowledge/date from current board members and committee chairs to the new group of volunteers.  Official transition occurs in May.  A meeting in late April would be a good idea.

Great Give registration requires use of a website.  Discussed how to simplify our current website but still keep it active.

Spirit Wear

Lisa Sindel presented the final design for beanies and scarves as well as the cost.  Once the final color has been approved, order will be placed for 100 scarves and 50 each of the two designs for the beanies.  Once order is sent, merchandise should arrive within 3 wks. Cost will be about $1665 for this order.  This order will be approved via email when final proof is available.

Concessions Report

Both snack shacks are ready for spring sports.  As usual baseball/softball concessions are a challenge due to weather.

Several items are needed for next year:  2 new shelters/tents, at least one new table when on sale at Costco, a few chairs for those who are working concessions, repairs on the stairs and new shelves for Bucs Galley, a new microwave.

Food permit has been updated.  Unusual exclusion of Hawaiian pizza due to pineapple?  This only applies to the simpler permit, not the complex permit.


Arnie Lusis not present today.  Thanked Erika Reddick for recent posts

Open Forum

Teresa Andersen reported that a recognition award was presented to Kevin and Kim Gallagher for their outstanding volunteer support of both boys and girls swimming for many years including officiating, running the scoreboard, supporting Boosters the 4th of July, etc

Teresa Andersen wanted to clarify that the field improvements proposed for this summer include repair of the gouges on the track

Meeting concluded at 8:12pm

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