Minutes for KHSAB Meeting

May 8, 2019

KHS Yellow Pod


Call to Order at 6:25 pm

Officers Present:  President David Winn, Treasurer Erika Reddick, Secretary Teresa Andersen

Committee Chairs:  Arnie Lusis (website), Brad Andersen (marketing), Rae Winn (concessions), Lisa Sindel (spirit wear)

AC Richard Henert

Guests: Rachel Strohmeyer, Erin Sorensen, Jack Simonson


Election of Officers for 2019-2020

  • President Erika Reddick
  • Vice President Erin Sorensen
  • Secretary Rachel Strohmeyer
  • Interim Treasurer Erika Reddick/Erin Sorensen with possible recruitment of Teri McDaniel

Minutes from April 2019 approved

Treasurer Report approved

Account Balance $66,843.58

Upcoming Events:

  • Next Fourth of July Fun Run meeting on May 11 at 8am at Borrowed Kitchen Bakery
    • Moving forward will need a volunteer to take over the liaison with Rotary. Possible tasks include recruiting sponsors for T-shirts/signs, organizing volunteers, race setup, race day support at starting line and finish line, working on design for advertising and t-shirts
    • In the past sponsors were for T-shirts at a level of $250. In the future the proposal would be for $500 which would also include a sign in the gym or on the fence
  • Auction planning meetings may be online for awhile
    • Date of the auction is September 28. Lisa Horn will be helping
  • This is Teacher’s Appreciation week and Richard Henert has proposed that some of the excess concessions left from the year could be used for a BBQ. This could include hamburgers, drinks, chips, etc
  • Breakfast with Blitz event is occurring soon and having food in the morning for students/staff would be appreciated, perhaps fruit, granola bars, etc
  • Scholarship meeting will be Friday May 10 at 3pm with Rae and Dave Winn being the Booster representatives.

Marketing Update:

  • Moving forward will need someone to take over production of posters and programs. Brad Andersen can continue to help at least for the first cycle.  Most assistance will be needed to name students in photos, obtain accurate rosters, recruit sponsors, and do some creative writing to fill in blanks, such as articles about coaches.  Biggest piece will be promotion and sale of the programs.  Various ideas were proposed including athletes selling programs as a fundraiser

AC Report:

  • Coach appreciation party is scheduled for May 29 at Whitehorse 6:30-8:30 with plan to invite middle school coaches as well as KYSA and KHS coaches. Will try to collect wish list from coaches for next year
  • Bucs Galley power to be turned off soon so that the transformer can be replaced. Plan is for Mr Gooby to install an RV plug so that the shack can be plugged in this way.  Gooby works for Sunset Electric and is donating his time.
  • Request is made for Boosters to authorize another $4200 to complete the current uniform cycle. Request is APPROVED.

Coach Request:

  • None today

President’s Report

  • Reported under Upcoming Events

Spirit Wear:

  • Lisa Sindel will be selling beanies and scarves
  • Planning will start for ordering inventory for next year after turnover of gear is complete and final count of inventory is made


  • Shelley Nelson will be checking in with Rae to complete the inventory and recap of what has worked/not worked over the years
  • Handover of keys to Erika
  • New food permit will be needed before 4th of July concessions sales


  • Arnie is turning site over to the board
  • Website is needed for 4th of July signup and other events
  • GoDaddy account needs to be changed to new Visa for payment
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