KHS Athletic Boosters Meeting

November 15, 2018

Board Members Present: Dave Winn, Amber Mercer, Teresa Andersen

Committee Chair Members Present:  Brad Andersen, Rae Winn, Lisa Sindel, Arnie Lusis

AC Richard Henert

Coaches:  Craig Smith


  • Meeting called to order at 6:25PM by President David Winn
  • October Minutes approved
  • Treasurer Report: Financials will be published after approval next month (Erika Reddick is out of town and there are some minor clarifications on the financial statements).  The financials include a summary of all fundraising since the school year ended June 2018 and includes 4th of July, concessions and auction.  Overall, very successful fundraising
    • Overall assets of $64,535 in checking and $10, 816 in savings before payouts to the teams for their share of the recent fundraising activities
  • Marketing update:
    • The winter sports program is being published as soon as final team selections are made and pictures are taken. My Girl Drive-In is the site for the senior picture this time.  Senior Ads will be available for purchase
    • Advertising for display in the gym was discussed. Signs will be either 2’ X 6’ or 2’ X 3’ and will hang by grommets/hooks.  They could be moved for use at outdoor fields in the spring.  Cost will be $200 for the first year and $100 each following year for the smaller signs and $400 for the first year and $200 each following year for the larger signs
    • Discussed trying to make advertising contracts for a longer time frame for ease of businesses and the Boosters, such as 3 yr contract to lock in the price or discount or paying in advance for multiple years or even pay 2 yrs get 3rd year free. No final decision made.
  • AC Report:
    • Boosters have agreed to pay for new Bucs colored swim lane lines to cover half the pool at a cost of $1129.06. Some may be refunded by the district.
    • The cost for Hudl is $4000. $2750 was raised at the auction and Boosters will cover the remaining $1250 to make up the total cost in order to keep costs low for the teams.
    • Cost for temporary fencing for baseball outfield discussed. Cost is $900. Boosters did agree to pay for tarps in school colors to match the baseball dugout tarps
    • Dave Erickson has discussed procuring the netting needed for baseball
    • It would be helpful to try to get quotes for fencing to be placed around the bleachers for crowd control
    • The issues of netting to be placed at the end zone to protect track athletes during soccer practice was discussed
  • Coach requests
    • Craig Smith attended and brought in a plan for the netting in the end zone area. Jim Ferate designed and implemented a similar system at the Silverdale Stadium and cost was much less than what has been quoted to the Boosters in the past.
    • Pay for coaches has increased and there is discussion about summer pay for coaches.
    • Coaches are trying to negotiate for the District to start to cover certain equipment costs again including a certain number of football helmets per year at the high school and middle school level and big ticket items like wrestling mats.
    • Might be worthwhile to see if there would be a way to work with Dave Erickson to obtain netting for the end zone protection project
  • Presidents Report
    • Discussed Dave Erickson and potential role in helping obtain netting material
    • Discussed involvement in community activities to solidify relationship between the Boosters and the Kingston community
    • Discussed changing some of the procedures for concessions volunteers to streamline the process
  • Spirit Wear update
    • Costco had a sale on large tables so two were purchased at a cost of $40 each
    • $5600 worth of merchandise sold including 137 adult sweatshirts, there are 70 left and 30 are old style
    • Might consider reordering the flannel pants although there is not a large margin of profit
    • Mr Andrews’ are class is working on a design for the new soccer scarves and then a vendor will be contacted
    • New shelters are needed. The nice large shelters the say KHS Bucs would be ideal
  • Bazaar update
    • Taking overflow vendors from the Village Green
    • If available at time of publishing, vendor names will be printed in the Winter Sports Program
    • There will be a photo booth at the bazaar
    • Xcountry/Track parents are providing food
    • Need volunteers for bazaar setup and cleanup. All of the money collected for admissions will be divided among the teams who have volunteers available for the bazaar
  • Website update
    • Blog entries are being posted regularly
    • Minutes and financials will be posted on the site
    • Auction photos have been posted
    • Will plan for a presentation at Meet the Bucs to introduce the website
    • Still not a lot of traffic on the Booster site

KHS fall 2018 team and club donations

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