KHS Athletic Boosters Meeting 

October 10, 2018 


Board Members Present:  David Winn, Amber Mercer, Teresa Andersen 

Committee Chair Members Present:  Brad Andersen, Lisa Sindel, Rae Winn, Arnie Lusis 

AC Richard Henert 

Guests:  Cheryl Bradley, Anna Baze 



  • Meeting called to order at 6:32 pm by President David Winn 
  • Minutes from meeting on 9/12/18 were approved 
  • Treasurer Report:  Erika Reddick unable to attend due to family issues.  Reports will be presented online documenting the funds due to teams from the 4th of July as well as current financial statements with a focus on the proceeds from the Booster Auction event 
  • Erika will be moving to the president role, so the treasurer position will be open 
  • It has been suggested that a new administrative position be created to assist the treasurer and board. Another option would be assigning these admin duties to the Vice President.  Unlike many organizations, being VP is not necessarily a premonitory step toward being President of the booster club and currently the VP position does not include any defined duties 
  • Discussion about the Treasurer report led to discussion about definition of all board and chair positions which would hopefully lead more volunteers to the group.  Having a defined job description will allow volunteers to select an area best in line with their talents and time available. 
  • Marketing report was given by Brad Andersen 
  • 150 fall programs were printed.  Idea was proposed to market the program on our website and to have a representative at the ticket table for sales. 
  • Fall sports posters are out and there has been interest from businesses for future advertising 
  • Johnny Walker has asked if there are any available spots for purchase on the football sign, unclear who is interested in the sign 
  • Cup and Muffin has purchased a sign but the design process is proceeding slower than expected 
  • Richard Henert introduced the idea of selling advertising banners for display at basketball games during winter season.  Size and price will need to be determined 
  • The signage on the scoreboard at the pool is up for renewal.  Will need to price out the cost of the panels for new advertisers and approach the current advertisers for renewal. 
  • Questions asked about senior ads in the program.  A small ad would be $25.  There would need to be a firm deadline so that the program can be printed in a timely manner. 
  • AC report 
  • Volleyball is in 3rd place in the League 
  • Xcountry will run at Disctrict meet on Oct 27 
  • Girls soccer is improving and nearly made it into the 4th playoff spot, but lost in PK’s 
  • Girls swim will have at least one state contender 
  • Football may have one additional home game on November 2.  Limited concessions may be offered for this game 
  • Tennis has league playoffs coming soon 
  • The Raise Your Paddle item at the auction was Huddle which is a way to have team events filmed.  Boosters will be deciding whether to contribute $3000 or $4000 to this item.  The $4000 level would provide extra benefits and cost savings to the teams 
  • Mr. Henert has proposed replacing at least half of the pool lane lines with Bucs colored lane lines.This would be around $1000.  Full replacement would be $2000. 
  • Discussed the recent scheduling issue with Cross Country meet.  Mr. Henert will be discussing this at a higher level.  Despite the meet being on the Olympic Schedule for Thursday of Homecoming week, the coaches of NK and Sequim moved the meet to Wednesday which precluded much of Kingston’s team from participating. 
  • Discussed new tarps for the baseball field in Bucs colors. 
  • Discussed transportation issues.  NK has a dedicated transportation secretary and scheduling bus transport is first come-first serve which has aced Kingston out of transportation.  Unfair, but not much Kingston can do at this point. 
  • Presidents report 
  • Updated boosters on status of donation by Pacific Netting for baseball/softball needs 
  • Spirit Wear update 
  • There are 32 sweatshirts left, including old and new styles.   
  • A new order has been placed 
  • Albertsons has requested 5 pieces 
  • Kingston Mercantile has declined to purchase items at this time 
  • Idea was proposed to sell programs at Albertsons.  Albertsons would purchase for $4 and sell for $5. 
  • Hats and scarves will be purchased soon. Looking at vendors and designs.  Idea was proposed for infinity style as well as soccer style scarves. 
  • Bazaar will be December 1 and 2 
  • We are partnering with the Kingston Port and the Village Green 
  • Signage from last year can be reused 
  • There are currently 14 paid and 8 unpaid vendors, but could be more as Village Green is full and is restricting the type of items sold to handmade items 
  • There will be free spaces for teams/clubs 
  • Looking for groups to perform such as band, choir, drama 
  • Event is being promoted online at crafting sites 
  • Call will be going out to teams to help with setup and breakdown 
  • Promotion on digital sign downtown is proposed as well as Peach Jar message 
  • Auction update on hold for now 
  • Website/Facebook 
  • Schedule is back to a link to the Olympic League site due to technical issues 
  • There is lots of space to fill on the website, so ideas about content and actual content should be sent to Arnie Lusis 
  • Flyer for Bazaar will replace the auction information 
  • Perhaps consider advertising the senior ads and the program on the website 
  • Items to post on the site include agenda for meetings, meeting minutes, treasurers report, etd 
  • Arnie is starting to test an online volunteer signup program which would send out reminder notices and have other great features.  Watch for online invites to try out the system 
  • Send athlete pictures, game pictures, etc to help fill the site 


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