KHS Athletic Boosters Meeting  

September 12, 2018 


Board Members Present:  David Winn, Amber Mercer, Teresa Andersen, Erika Reddick 

Committee Chair Members Present:  Brad Andersen, Lisa Sindel, Rae Winn, Arnie Lusis 

AC Richard Henert  

Guests: Cheryl Bradley, Britt and Keri Nyman, Julie Fox, Petra Velia, Laurie Young, Karen Borson, Jocelyn Wright, Joyce Troyer Willson, Lee Willson, Justin Jameson, Dana Jameson, Lorraine Thoroughman, Liz Osmer, Amber Balser McClain, Theresa Schmid, Tania Issa 



  • Meeting called to order at 6:30pm by President David Winn 
  • Introduction of Board Members and Committee Chair Members 
  • Dave Winn, President.  Amber Mercer, Vice President. Ericka Reddick, Treasurer.  Teresa Andersen, Secretary. 
  • Brad Andersen, Marketing. Lisa Sindel and Rae Winn, Spirit Wear.  Rae Winn, Concessions. Arnie Lusis, Website.  Ericka Reddick, Auction. 
  • History and Mission Statement recapped.  Over the past 10 yrs, Boosters has donated over $400,000 toward athletics at KHS.  Boosters is a nonprofit organization registered with the state and is an all-volunteer organization.  19 programs are supported by Boosters. 
  • Boosters has long term, intermediate and short term goals.  Long term goals are items such as bleachers, field bathrooms.  Intermediate goals are ongoing support for uniforms and other larger cost items.  Short term goals are meeting immediate needs such as equipment replacement. 
  • There will be open positions at the Board and Chair level as many active member’s children will be graduating this year.  Description of positions is available at the website as is volunteer signup.  
  • June minutes passed.  
  • Treasure’s Report was presented and approved.  
  • Advertising and Marketing Update: 
  • Fall program updates- the program has been submitted to the printer.  
  • S’klallam Tribe is the major sponsor, covering the cost of the first 400-450 copies. 
  • Programs will be selling for $5.  
  • Posters will be out soon 
  • AC Richard Henert reported: 
  • Discussed importance of a uniform group to represent all the sports to avoid Title IX issues as well as to coordinate support for all the activities.   
  • Discussed importance of a unified voice to address issues such as placement of record boards, etc 
  • Website Update: 
  • Still a work in progress but a fantastic start 
  • Volunteer sign up available 
  • Auction ticket purchase available. 
  • Spirit Wear Update: 
  • New design introduced.  Will be on sale at Football, Volleyball, Homecoming events.  Also on sale at Albertsons and Kingston Mercantile. 
  • Idea was proposed for sale at Pizza Factory and Westside Pizza. 
  • There will be a new design for beanie and scarf this year. 
  • T-shirts on hold for now, will readdress closer to spring 
  • Concessions: 
  • Going well.  Volunteer spots are filled for now 
  • Explained that teams get 10% of GROSS PROFIT from the night.  This is easier than trying to figure out net profit.  When this was attempted, it was just too difficult and the dollar amount works out to be about 10% of gross profit. 


  • President’s Report: 
  • Board and Chair positions will open up in the spring.  The majority of the current Board and Chair members will be around to help with the transition.  It would be great if new member would step forward to “shadow” this year to smooth the transition 
  • Coaches Requests:  
  • None today, but discussed process for receiving funds which are typically matching funds 
  • Auction Update:  
  • Theme of the auction is Building Bridges. Market Fresh (the Pointe Casino) will cater  
  • Ticket sales have been slow.  Buy your tickets and encourage people to come! 
  • Teams will receive 50% of proceeds from team baskets.  Winning Team will get 100% of proceeds from their basket 
  • Three Horse Carousel will provide entertainment 
  • The auction will have three silent auction tables, one focusing on the team baskets.  There will be a live auction and dessert dash.  Raffle tickets will be sold for the teams, winning team will get proceeds from the raffle.  
  • Volunteers will get a free ticket, their guest will get a half price ticket 
  • Next year there may be an online option for bidding 
  • Save the Date cards and information will be shared with Rotary by Julie Fox 
  • Upcoming events 
  • Sports concessions 
  • Auction 
  • Bazaar 
  • 4th of July events including the fun run 
  • Open Forum 
  • Tania Issa encouraged Boosters to attend the Open House at the Village Green on September 20th 
  • It was encouraged to have separate email lists, one for volunteers and one for general information use 
  • Bob Gelder has been an advocate for making KHS for visible.  Some ideas would be selling Buc flags to businesses, putting signs at Kola Kole Park, 
  • There needs to be more emphasis on making Homecoming events bigger again.  Perhaps a group could put together kits to decorate their business and offer prizes to the winner.   
  • Linda Fife has created a Facebook group for KHS Homecoming. 
  • There will be concessions and Spirit Wear sales after the Homecoming Parade on Wednesday September 26th. 
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